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These popular tissue tubes fit in your car cup holder: 'Cute and handy'

Fun and functional: Keep 'em in the car, around the house and at the office — there are plenty to go around.

When you're driving around town, many things are better than reaching for a tissue and pulling out a nice fluffy square to wipe your nose, but it is pretty nice. What's not nice is being stopped at a red light and scrounging for something — a fast food napkin, perhaps — to help you mop up the schmutz you spilled on your shirt two blocks back. We have something to solve that problem: the Winoo Design Car Tissues Holder. It's a totally tubular tissue box that fits in your car cup holder — and you can get a four-pack for $14 at Amazon.

These adorable boxes fit snuggly into the cupholder for easy on-the-go access. 

$14 at Amazon

We've all tried to keep tissues in the car with varying degrees of success. A box might take up space in the back seat ... until it falls on the floor and gets trampled, rendering its contents useless. A travel pack kept in the glove box is a great place for them to get trapped when you have to choose driving over taking care of a sneeze — or they just get forgotten in the glove box abyss. But this tube of tissues eliminates all of those issues.

These cylinders are designed for convenience. They're 7 inches high with a 2.7-inch diameter, which means they fit snuggly in your car's cupholder. That's very handy when you're on a road trip — all sorts of mishaps and speedbumps can make a mess of your drive — but they're also practical for the everyday. Even if you don't drive, they're a nice change from those rectangular boxes regular tissues come in.

Not only are they smartly shaped, but they're also reusable. These tubes come in a 4-pack with 50 tissues each; when you run out, you can refill them with your favorite brand of tissues. The package even comes with a set of instructions so you can refill without friction.

These totally tubular tissues are designed for convenience. (Amazon)
These totally tubular tissues are designed for convenience. (Amazon)

Over 8,000 shoppers are absolutely wild about these tubes to keep in the car, on the dining table or nightstand.

"These will work great in our car as we always carry tissues with us," wrote a happy driver. "The containers fit in door pocket cup holders so we can still use regular console cup holders for water bottles. Would be handy in a lot of situations when you have a runny nose!"

"Cute and handy," said a reviewer. "It seems the older I get, the more I blow my nose. It's important to always have a tissue handy and bulky tissue boxes in the car end up in the back seat and out of reach. This tissue box fits in the cup holder. It's cute, but more importantly, it's handy! Dripping noses need handy."

"I finally found the solution to squashed and torn tissue boxes in my car," a five-star fan shared. "My husband constantly needs tissues so the normal box always gets squashed or torn apart in the backseat or on the floor of the car. These tissues are perfect as they fit in my drink holder or in the car door compartments."

"I never find these in the grocery store so I was happy to find them online," wrote a rave reviewer. "Those rectangle boxes of tissues are just too boring. These have a little panache to them."

Fun and functional: Keep 'em in the car, around the house and at the office — with four of these canisters to a pack, there are plenty to go around. 

$14 at Amazon

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