Third death as Senegal braces for more protests against election delay

A third death was reported in Senegal on Sunday, where people have been protesting against the president's decision to push back an election that would have chosen his successor. Sporadic demonstrations continued through the weekend, ahead of a call for nationwide protests early next week.

The latest casualty was 16-year-old Landing Camara, who died following clashes in the south-western city of Ziguinchor, according to reports.

The teenager "took a projectile to the head and died of his injuries in intensive care" on Saturday evening, a hospital source told French news agency AFP.

A member of the local branch of the popular Pastef opposition party, Abdou Sane, told AFP that several people had been seriously wounded in the protests.

It comes after two other young men were fatally injured in protests on Friday, the biggest day of national mobilisation since President Macky Sall called off the planned election last weekend.

The vote, which he was not eligible to run in, was supposed to take place on 25 February but has now been postponed until 15 December.

Hundreds of arrests

Demonstrations pitting young protesters against the security forces are turning increasingly violent.

One man died in the capital, Dakar, and another was killed on a university campus in the northern city of Saint-Louis.

Sonko, the candidate for Pastef, is one of several prominent opposition candidates who had been disqualified before the election campaign.

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