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This Cuisinart ice cream maker churns out scoops in minutes — it's down to $50

Forget the store-bought stuff. Grab this gadget on sale and make homemade frozen treats all summer long.

The best way to keep cool this summer? Ice cream, and lots of it. Making your own frozen creations at home is just as fun as it is delicious — and this ice cream maker can churn out three pints in 20 minutes. Snag the Cuisinart ICE-21P1 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker on sale at Amazon for just $50 (was $70) and get ready for a sweet, sweet summer.

With just three easy-to-assemble components, you can make ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt in 20 minutes. 

$50 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

Sure, you can buy up every carton of cool treats in the frozen food section at the grocery store, but it's not going to be as fun as whipping up your own flavors at home. This gadget rarely goes on sale — in fact, the price of this ice cream maker hasn't dropped since the end of last summer.

Why do I need this? 🧐

Not only does it take just minutes to make three pints of ice cream, but this machine is also very easy to assemble and easy to use — and comes with recipes to get you started (but if you're feeling ambitious, you can try out these Ben & Jerry’s recipes). The insulated bowl attaches to the base, the paddle goes in the bowl and the locking lid tops the whole thing. You then pour your ingredients into the bowl, hit the on/off switch and let it churn. The hardest part about getting up and running is waiting for the drum to freeze overnight before you use it the first time.

Once the machine is operating, you’ll have a bottomless carton of ice cream in whatever flavors you choose. But if you’re anything like the five-star fans, you won’t stop at 31 flavors. You can also customize your treats for dietary restrictions while cutting costs at the grocery store.

ice cream maker
One ice cream maker, countless possibilities. (Amazon/Getty)

What reviewers say 💬

Seriously, people love this little machine. It has nearly 12,000 five-star ratings and you can practically hear the shoppers giggle with glee in their reviews.

Pros 👍

“After freezing for 24 hours we made Dr. Kiltz's ice cream using his recipe and within 15 minutes it was nom-nom-nom good!” reported an ice cream fan. “Great for whipping up some ice cream when the grandkids visit.”

“My 4-year-old grandson comes to visit and we make ice cream together and it's so much fun!!” wrote a delighted grandparent. “Plus who doesn't love Ice cream! (I’m the favorite with the grandson now too!) Buy this machine. It''s absolutely perfect.”

“I loved that it was only 1.5 quarts, but that actually means that you eat more ice cream than you should so that you can make a new batch of a different flavor that you are dying to try — the cycle is neverending and my stretch pants are getting tight,” wrote another ice cream enthusiast.

"I love this product," an ice cream chef wrote. "I also bought on Amazon the white paper pints to store ice cream. Kids think it’s better than Ben & Jerry’s. We’ve made banana, Twinkie, chocolate, Whatchamacallit, and will try custard tonight."

Cons 👎

Some shoppers say they'd like it more if it came with something to store the ice cream in. (Note: We've spotted these popular reusable containers for $8 a pop.)

"This works really well," wrote a fan. "I do wish there was a lid for the container to put back in the freezer."

A dairy-free shopper shared: "I bought this to make homemade coconut milk ice cream because I don't eat dairy or soy. This was a great investment and the price was not that bad. I just wish there were some reusable ice cream containers to go with it."

Make all your favorite flavors with this mini frozen treat factory.

$50 at Amazon

Need a scoop to go with your new toy? This mega-popular one is on sale too.

This gadget even has an ergonomic handle so you can scoop with ease. More than 38,000 shoppers rave about it. 

"We were tired of bending spoons and ice cream getting stuck in the scooper. This one just slices right through the ice cream, no muscles needed," one reviewer gushed about the "sturdy scooper."

$10 at Amazon

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