This is the safest seat on a plane, says research

Allison Yee

It’s the all-important choice when faced with a flight: which seat is going to get you the combination of the most space, least passerby traffic and close-but-not-too-close bathroom proximity.

But experts say there’s another thing to keep in mind when selecting your plane position for your next flight, with some seats said to be safer than others.

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While they’re the ones people tend to steer clear of the most, middle seats might just become your new go-to, with Time magazine claiming middle seats at the back of the plane tend to have the highest survival rates.

Studies have looked into past data surrounding crashes and fatality rates. Photo: Getty

The publication looked at data from the last 35 years and found sitting in the back third section of the plane had a fatality rate of 32 percent, compared with 39 percent in the middle, and 39 percent in the front.

Curious as to which seat might have the highest fatality rate?

According to Time, aisle seats in the middle of the plane might be one to avoid.

No surprises here, but the closer you are to an exit, the higher your chances of survival too. Photo: Getty

They’re not the only stats that report choosing a seat towards the back might be the way to go.

Findings reported by the Huffpost state that “passengers near the tail of a plane were about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the front.�

Being stuck in the back isn't a bad thing, according to research. Photo: Getty

However Alison Duquette, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration explains that it all depends on the plane and its crash, be it in the water, near a runway, from a nosedive or a collision with something else.

“Each incident or crash is unique,� she said in a statement. “There is no safest seat.�

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