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This long-handled shoe horn can make your life 'so much easier' for just $10

It also comes with a sock remover tab so you can easily slip off your shoes and socks.

If you have hip, knee or back pain, or you're recovering from surgery or an injury, then getting your shoes on is anything but simple. The Vive Long-Handled Shoe Horn makes putting on or taking off any shoe — sneaker, Croc, Oxford, you name it — easy while standing or sitting, users say. At 24 inches high, the shoe horn works well for anyone who can't bend too far. It has a firm grip and is gently curved to slide into any size or style.

After just one use you'll be yelling, "Vive le shoe horn!"

$10 at Amazon

This shoe horn means you don't have to wrestle with your Skechers or go toe-to-toe with your Hush Puppies. You can put on your shoes while standing up, which exerts less pressure on your muscles and joints — and lessens the chances of pulls and strains. And that can save you big bucks on medical costs.

The large oval handle gives you a safe, secure hold. Each edge is gently rounded to ensure it doesn't snag on socks or stockings, or scuff your shoes. And as a handy extra, the handle means you can store this on a coat rack or storage hook for quick access. The durable plastic frame resists cracks and breaks, and the shoe horn can be separated into two pieces for traveling.

shoe horn
Never wrestle with your balance — or New Balances — again. (Amazon)

The lives of nearly 9,000 five-star reviewers have been made easier thanks to the "best shoe horn," as it was dubbed by this fan. "It's exactly what I needed. I will soon have hip replacement surgery. To avoid extra bending and twisting immediately afterward, this shoe horn will aid me in getting shoes on. I have been practicing and find it easy to use. It is simple to assemble. It separates for traveling and is just the right height."

As this shopper raved, "How could such a little thing, like a piece of plastic with a long handle make my life so much easier?" And this customer agreed: "I had knee replacement surgery last year and I am now going for a hip replacement on the same leg. With this shoe horn, I can now slide into my shoes alone. Extra benefit, I can get this horn inside of my socks and get them off too!"

"It's lightweight and I'm very pleased with it," said this reviewer. "Only con might be that it's plastic and therefore less solid or strong. But it's strong enough, and if it were anything else it would lose its other benefits."

"Better than what the hospital gave me," revealed this satisfied customer. "After my hip replacement, the hospital gave me a 'hip kit,' which included a shoe horn. It was longer than the regular ones but still not long enough to keep me from having to bend over too far. So I searched until I found this one. It was here very quickly after I ordered it and has repeatedly proven to be just what the occupational therapist ordered."

It also comes with a sock remover tab so you can easily slip off your shoes AND socks.

$10 at Amazon

Psst: If your shoes are feeling a little too tight, Amazon shoppers also love this FootMatters Shoe Stretch spray:

Just spritz some of this onto practically any shoe for some extra wiggle room — it also works on leather gloves!

$10 at Amazon

"In trying to figure out what my shoe size actually is now, I ended up with a couple of shoes that were just a smidge too tight," revealed one reviewer. "This stuff really did the trick. I wore them over some chunky socks and used this spray, and in an hour or so they'd stretched enough that I could wear them comfortably. This is a lifesaver and a real money-saver for any leather-esque shoes that aren't quite fitting correctly."

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