This may be the real reason 'sensitive' Prince William has cut ties with Prince Harry

There's a simple reason why Prince William has cut ties with his younger brother, writes Melissa Hoyer.

Prince William (left) and Prince Harry (right).
Prince William was hurt deeply by Prince Harry's recent behaviour and decided that cutting ties was the easiest path forward. Source: Getty

There has been much back and forward about the state of the brotherly nation. The nation between the king-to-be, Prince William and his little bro, Harry. But the true reason the future king has now completely cut ties with his sibling has now become clear.

According to some, the gulf between the pair is getting bigger and one woman always gets the good tea in royal-land is professional royal-iser, Ingrid Seward.

Seward says William is "sensitive" and likes structure and has perseverance saying "he does not give up easily", she told the Mirror newspaper in the UK.

"His relationship with brother Harry upset him more than he would care to admit but he found it easier to cut ties rather than allow himself to be continually annoyed."

But surely it's not forever? Other royal watchers have claimed the boys are close to a truce, before that theory is quickly debunked. The family game of ping-pong seems to go on and on.


Let’s be serious and totally honest here. These two seem fairly unlikely to become besties-in-brotherly-love in the immediate future: William has a few much more pressing issues on his mind.

As his father, the King of England, goes through cancer treatment (he is also wrestling with the fact his "King-coming" may come sooner than later) his wife, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, is also in the midst of her treatment for the insidious disease.

Prince William speaking into a microphone.
Prince William has a lot going on with both his father and wife diagnosed with cancer and it's up to Prince Harry to build bridges. Source: Getty

And this is where Harry needs to be the bigger man. Instead of waiting for William to extend an olive branch, Harry needs to grow up and stop acting like a churlish child. He has to realise his big brother is the busy one and it is he is the one who should be helping make any kind of reconciliation easy for Will to navigate, not protracted and frankly, riddled with drama and difficulty.

Sure, the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors, so a thawing of their current freeze will only come if a whole lot of things come into play.

We all know the pair have totally different roles and expectations and as the heir to the throne, Prince William has always had different responsibilities than Prince Harry. This difference in roles has sometimes led to tension and differing perspectives on royal duties.

Prince William and Princess Catherine at Trooping the Colour with their three children recently.
Prince William is having a difficult time due to his wife's tumultuous health battle. Source: Getty

Harry has been particularly vocal about the intrusive and often negative media coverage he and his wife, Meghan Markle, have faced. He has felt that the whole royal family did not do enough to protect them from this scrutiny — oh, cry us a river from your Montecito mansion — which strained his relationship with his brother ... and probably sparked eye-rolls in the Wales household.

Way back, William expressed concerns about the speed of Harry's relationship with Meghan, which Harry, naturally, did not appreciate. And this initial tension has worsened over time, creating even more sibling static.

When Harry and Meghan stepped back from their roles as senior royals and moved to North America (hello "Megxit") there was a significant upheaval within the royal family and the rift between the brothers became even deeper.

Harry and Meghan's public statements, including their interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, where they discussed their struggles within the royal family, further strained the bro-bro relationship and Harry's comments about feeling "trapped" in the royal family and has contributed to the sibling fallout.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle smile sitting on the floor.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a recent visit to Nigeria. Source: Getty

Mmmm. None of it sounds very positive for a reconciliation does it?

While these may be some reasons, the current bro vs. bro situation is wholly and solely influenced by the odd Royal family dynamic, most of which us mere spectators will never really be privy to.


In a nutshell, the traumas of the past year have made Prince William a much stronger person and no doubt, the kind of man his mother, the late Diana always hoped he would be.

And it's time for Harry to follow suit. As he continues his suing ways — now he is suing The Sun newspaper for disappearing messages (sigh!) — I think it may be time for Harry to take a step back, breathe and suck it up sunshine. This is the time to put aside past bitterness with William and try to find a path to healing because we all know that's what Diana would have wanted.

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