Thomas Sadoski 'Proud' to Help Children in Combat Zones with Wife Amanda Seyfried (Exclusive)

"I can't think of any greater cause than protecting kids and giving them hope," the actor, who recently went on a trip to Yemen with War Child USA, tells PEOPLE

<p>Albert L. Ortega/Getty </p> Thomas Sadoski

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Thomas Sadoski

Thomas Sadoski is setting out to make a difference.

The 47-year-old actor partners with War Child USA, “an organization that rebuilds communities affected by conflict,” and he tells PEOPLE the impact is “tangible.”

“I think that anybody who has daydreamed about a better future is drawn to uplifting innocence and stopping injustice,” Sadoski says. “With War Child, you can see the change, you can feel it.”

The non-profit, which Sadoski says “specifically works to protect children and their education, as well as empower women,” makes visits to conflict zones to help communities rebuild from the ground up.

“It's us coming in with resources and offering those resources, some expertise, to communities that know themselves better than we do and providing them an opportunity to rebuild themselves in the image that they want to rebuild themselves in,” the actor explains. “And we stick for the long term. We stay until the communities that we're working with are completely rebuilt or at least are finding an incredible degree of success.”

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<p>Courtesy Thomas Sadoski</p>

Courtesy Thomas Sadoski

In October, Sadoski and the War Child team went to Yemen to visit the schools they operate there.

“The specific goal of this trip was meeting with local partner organizations that we work with to see the work that they're doing, and also to meet with government officials and see how we can continue to partner with them,” Sadoski says. “The kids that we talked to in [one] school used a word that you never hear in conflict zones, which is pride. They were proud that they were learning and that they were going to make a better tomorrow than what they were living in today.”

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Sadoski, who shares daughter Nina, 6, and son Thomas, 3, with wife Amanda Seyfried, recognizes the importance of working to uplift children.

“There's just something about the injustice of kids being hurt that I can't stomach,” the Last Word actor says. “I can't think of any greater cause than protecting kids and giving them hope and opportunity.”

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Both Sadoski and Seyfried, 37, are Ambassadors of War Child USA, something the actor says he is “grateful for.”

“I think it's the only way that we could do it,” Sadoski says about how it feels to do this work alongside his wife. “It requires a lot. It's a hard road to walk."

He continues, “I'm so grateful and I'm really proud that we're able to do this together and that we are both unified in making a difference in a way that isn't easy and isn't performative. And that requires a very special kind of person to go on that journey with you."

"I feel very, very proud of the fact that I have that in my partner," he adds.

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Both Sadoski and Seyfried look forward to continuing their work with War Child.

“Working with War Child, your ability to affect positive hopeful change in the world, to do something of extraordinary value, is right there,” Sadoski says. “It's something that you can take into your heart and know that you made an impact not just in one life, but in thousands of lives in a way that is so desperately needed. You can help restore dignity to people. And that feeling, that's priceless.”

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