Tiffany Haddish wants to host the Oscars

Tiffany Haddish would love to host the Oscars.

The 'Girls Trip' star has put her name in the hat for presenting the next Academy Awards in February 2020 but admits it would be incredibly "stressful".

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she said: "I would have it hot. It would be so much fun. We would have twerk contests and everything. Yeah, I would get Meryl Streep up there to twerk with Susan Sarandon. You know, it would be crazy ... If you did it with me, I would do it. Like, I don't want all that pressure on me. Because I would lose my hair and then I would have to really wear wigs all the time. It's too much stress, you know? I mean, unless they paid me, like, a lot of money. Then I would be like, 'It's worth it!'"

And if Tiffany was to get the gig, it would add to her dream to "create an empire".

She said: "I want to create this empire. You know, where people that work with me and for me are able to put their kids through college, feed their families, have generational wealth. I just I feel like I can do that. And I see that and like if Lucille Ball can own a studio, why can't Tiffany Haddish own a studio. You know?"

And Tiffany claims she thought she "wasn't good enough" when her career started, and says that by shifting her viewpoint, she "started to visualise and see" what she wanted for her future, and was eventually able to get it.

She added: "I didn't start popping in the eyes of Hollywood until 2017. [I kept thinking] Maybe I wasn't good enough, thinking maybe, you know, oh, I'm a girl, I shouldn't do this."