'Tiger King 2': When is it on TV and what are the biggest revelations? All you need to know

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The strange tale of Joe Exotic returns. (Netflix)
The strange tale of Joe Exotic returns. (Netflix)

If there was one show we were all discussing during our Zoom calls in lockdown, it had to be Netflix documentary Tiger King.

The story of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin's bitter feud over their rival big cat parks was as shocking viewing as it was compulsive.

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Now, Tiger King is back on Netflix for a second series and the story certainly hasn't got any less odd over time - here's all you need to know.

When is Tiger King 2 on TV?

Tiger King's new series is available to stream now on Netflix.

It launched on Wednesday, 17 November at 8am in the UK.

What happened in Tiger King?

Joe Exotic is one of the most fascinating characters to feature in a Netflix documentary — or in fact, any of its dramas, either.

The big cat enthusiast ran a zoo in Oklahoma with a heavy focus on tigers and big cats, making some employees and visitors uneasy about his treatment of the animals and lack of regard for safety in allowing photo opportunities with the wildlife.

Joe Exotic with one of his big cats. (Netflix)
Joe Exotic with one of his big cats. (Netflix)

Rival tiger fan Carole Baskin, who runs charity and park Big Cat Rescue, began to warn the public about Exotic's practices and encouraged others to speak out against him, sparking an outrageous online war.

Exotic made a series of videos denouncing Baskin, as well as some pretty shocking music videos, where he claimed she had murdered her first husband Don Lowe and fed him to her big cats.

He also tried to take over her company name and branding, ending up with a lawsuit ruling against him for copyright infringement.

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In a bid to save his zoo from being taken over by Baskin, Exotic allowed the park to be put into Jeff Lowe's name, a fellow big cat enthusiast who was known for using tigers to seduce women.

Meanwhile, Exotic took in 19-year-old meth addict Travis Maldonado and married him in a throuple ceremony along with zoo partner John Finlay, although both Maldonado and Finlay were rumoured to be heterosexual.

Jeff Lowe has further zoo-based plans. (Netflix)
Jeff Lowe has further zoo-based plans. (Netflix)

The love affair ended in tragedy when Maldonado shot himself dead in the zoo's office, with those who witnessed it believing that he had thought the gun was empty. There was also a devastating fire at the zoo with questions hanging over who had caused it.

Grieving Exotic was also running for US president (although he got less than 1,000 votes) and with so many distractions, Lowe began to push him out of the zoo. 

There were further shocks to come, however, when a number of employees alleged that Exotic had offered to pay them to murder Baskin, and he was eventually jailed in 2020 for murder-for-hire and animal abuse.

Is Joe Exotic still in jail?

The big cat saga continues. (Netflix)
The big cat saga continues. (Netflix)

Exotic was originally sentenced to 22 years, but was thrilled by the publicity of the documentary in hopes that it would help with an appeal.

He even asked outgoing president Donald Trump to grant him a pardon in the final days before he left the White House, although even Trump refused to get involved.

The 58-year-old is still in jail, but in July an appeal ruled that his sentence should have been set between 17.5 and 22 years rather than 22 and 27 years, so he could get out a little earlier — not exactly the overturned conviction he was hoping for.

What are the biggest revelations in Tiger King 2?

What really happened to Don Lewis? (Netflix)
What really happened to Don Lewis? (Netflix)

Netflix has promised "newfound revelations emerge on the motivations, backstories, and secrets of America’s most notorious big cat owners", adding "Thought you knew the whole story? Just you wait."

It doesn't look as though the saga has got any less shocking since the first instalment, although Baskin has been in dispute over her inclusion in the second series after being unhappy over the way she was represented in the first series. 

She hasn't exactly stayed out of the limelight, though, with an appearance on US Strictly, Dancing With The Stars.

Carole Baskin took part in Dancing With The Stars' . (Eric McCandless via Getty Images)

Although the big scandal in series one was Exotic apparently trying to arrange Baskin's murder, there are allegations this time of a plot to decapitate Exotic using barbed wire so that Lowe could take over the zoo.

Exotic's rumour-stirring about Baskin's missing-presumed-dead first husband Lewis just won't go away either, with fresh stories that he could actually be alive and well, and living in Costa Rica.

One former employee of the zoo claims she was asked to kill Baskin on her first day in the job, while Lowe's unsettling relationship with partner Lauren continues to play out as he comments that he will "put her on a street corner" to fund a second zoo if he has to, then reveals plans to combine the zoo with a strip club element.

Exotic also appears to have found a new love, although he's never met the man owing to his incarceration.

That's barely scratching the surface of series two developments...

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