Tigress seriously injured after Russian missile attack on Kyiv

The tigress was very frightened by the explosion
The tigress was very frightened by the explosion

A tigress was seriously injured after a Russian missile attack on Kyiv on Nov. 11, the Wildlife Rescue Center reported on its Instagram page this morning.

The tigress, named Tigrulia, injured her hind limbs and spine after falling in shock amid several loud explosions.

"Tigrulia was seriously injured after the morning’s explosions near us. She hit the grate in shock, fell down, and still can't get up," the center said.

"We are waiting for the doctors' decision on how to proceed."

The rest of the animals at the center were physically uninjured but experienced severe stress as a result of the attack.

Several loud explosions occurred in Kyiv on Nov. 11. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that the explosions were recorded in the city’s eastern districts.

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He later clarified that the air defense forces were operating near Kyiv and that there were no rescue calls, but that there were several calls for medical assistance.

Eighteen private houses were damaged in the morning Russian missile attack, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration stated in a subsequent report.

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