TikTok Grandma-Granddaughter Duo Share Recipe for Viral 'Jell-O Salad' — Made with Mayo and More: Watch

Alongside Jell-O, the TikTok viral concoction is also composed of apple cider vinegar and chopped celery, among other items

A grandmother-granddaughter duo is sharing the recipe for their viral "Jell-O salad" on TikTok.

Last month, user Emma (@eczemmma) uploaded a video on the social-sharing app, in which she documented a recipe her grandma Sheila made.

"Can you explain what's in this, Grammy?" Emma asked her grandmother, who replied that the concoction includes "lime Jell-O with about two tablespoons of mayo" and "apple cider vinegar," which Sheila said can be whipped together before allowing it to "gel a little bit."

Sheila then told her granddaughter that she adds "a little bit more water" to the mixture, before adding a "tub of cottage cheese," as well as some grated carrot, crushed pineapple and chopped celery.

"You're gonna love it," Sheila exclaimed, closing out the seconds-long video.

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In a follow-up post, Emma responded to a commentator who wrote "We need a taste" in the comments section.

"Ask and you shall receive," she opened her video saying, before moving a container of her grandma's "Jell-O salad" into the shot.

After taking a few bites from the food, Emma declared, "You definitely get the lime in the Jell-O," before noting that the cottage cheese adds some saltiness, while the pineapple and carrot add sweetness.

"It's honestly not the worst thing ever," Emma then stated, before noting, however, "I do think it's missing something" — prompting her to add olives into the mixture.

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Emma later uploaded one final video on TikTok, where she asked her grandmother where she learned the recipe for the "Jell-O Salad."

"I went to a ladies' tea party in about 1956 ... and this was on the menu," she detailed. "I thought it was darn good, and I just sort of adapted it [for] my five children."

Noting that "at least two of them really like it," Sheila said but added with a shrug, "not too many of the grandchildren" are a fan of the food.

Some commenters felt similar, including one, who wrote in the comments section: "Y'all should see the face I'm making."

Another added, "That is the most wild recipe I have ever heard 😂."

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