TikTok Users Are Ripping Apart This Creator For Her $7,000 Charcuterie Boards

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TikTok Can't Deal With This $7K Charcuterie Board @sophisticatedspreads / TikTok

The internet loves to criticize/argue/hate. And more often than not, it's over something entirely inconsequential. In this case, it's cheese.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @sophisticatedspreads shared her impressive $7,000 grazing board, which she created for a client's engagement party. The massive charcuterie board was 20 feet long and featured artisan cheeses, veggies, meats, breads, you name it. There was even a hand-woven centerpiece. It was no doubt an elegant and dramatic spread, but users were not entirely convinced it's actually worth the hefty price tag.

As one comment read, "The math is not mathing."

"I had my entire wedding of 110 people catered with three courses and two choices of meat for $2500," one person wrote in the comments. Another chimed in, "even after this video, we don’t know what a 7k cheeseboard looks like."

"There’s gotta be an entire A5 [wagyu] steak or something in there right?" a third user wrote.

There were, however, other factors that led to the whopping $7,000 bill. @Sophisticatedspreads, aka Emmy, posted a video with the full price breakdown, which included $2,900 in food (the cheese alone was $550). She also mentioned the cost of the trays, kitchen space, licensing, and more, noting that the team had to travel from LA to Napa Valley, which requires six hours of driving time plus a hotel.

"When I posted a video and thousands of people told me I was a scam artist for charging $7000 for a cheeseboard so I explained my pricing and now thousands of people are telling me I’m undercharging," Emmy said in a follow up video.

Despite the initial hate, fans flooded the comments with support for the small business owner. "As a fellow grazing board artist, it’s infuriating when people get upset about the pricing. This is a LUXURY service!! And not cheap or easy," one person wrote.

"Anytime I make a cheese board for 4, it ends up being like $150. 💀 I think some people have [the] perspective of Kraft cheese slices," another added.

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