Woman's warning after 'disgusting' find in hairbrush: 'Don't forget'

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A woman has shared the disgusting discovery she made when she decided to wash her hairbrushes for the first time, after seeing a warning from another TikToker about hidden dirt.

After seeing a video by TikTok creator @unitfour4, in which she claimed dirty hairbrushes could be the cause your oily hair, the woman decided to give her own brushes a once over, placing them in a sink full of hot water and shampoo.

tiktok hairbrushes cleaning video
The woman was shocked by how dirty the water got. Photos: TikTok/everythingtidy

"Oh my god, that's disgusting," she can be heard saying in the clip, after returning to the sink an hour later to find the water had turned brown.

"Ladies, don't forget to wash your hairbrushes. I didn't even know that was a thing. Look at the state of that."

The video has now been viewed over 3.8M times, with her followers also sharing their shock at the result.

"I'm buying a new hair brush and starting from scratch," one person commented.

"Goes and washes hair brushes now," another said.


Though there were also many who were surprised that this didn't seem to be a well known fact.

"This confuses me that people didn't know this. It's the same as washing your makeup brushes," one person pointed out.

"Just me who washes their brush when they wash their hair," another agreed.

Young woman brushing healthy hair in front of a mirror
Some claimed dirty brushes could lead to oily hair. Photo: Getty

The woman went on to share another video of one of her follower's also trying the cleaning method on her hairbrush.

The clip - dubbed 'Shannon's hair brush transformation' - again showed the water turning "absolutely disgusting" after the wash. 

"It's just one of those things you don't think about cleaning," Shannon admits in her video.

"I'm actually a little bit ashamed of myself," she continued, adding there was still sand in there from when she went to the beach last year.

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