TikToker Goes Viral After Getting Real About Pricey Restaurants With Too Many Rules

keith lee
TikTok Star Sparks Debate About Restaurant Rules@keith_lee125 / TikTok

It was just a few days ago when TikTok food critic Keith Lee excitedly announced that he would be taking his family food tour to Atlanta. Sadly, we all watched along as his enthusiasm gradually morphed into despair. From the Keith's point of view, the Southern mecca that's long been dubbed "the city too busy to hate" appeared to have turned into, well, a hater.

At Atlanta Breakfast Club, one of the first restaurants the TikToker visited, he revealed that his family encountered problems ordering food and were unable to even order water until their entire party had been seated.

"The customer service was interesting. While the people were nice, the rules they had set were very unique to me," said Keith.

Another Atlanta restaurant, The Real Milk & Honey, informed Keith's family that they were "closed early for deep-cleaning" when they attempted to order food and were turned away.

"And so far being in Atlanta I found some places do have unique rules. And this is one of them...If you don't like they rules, they rules not for you. And for me and my family the rules just wasn't for us," he said.

The TikToker's videos have since sparked a growing conversation online about whether restaurant rules have gotten out of hand, and if restaurants in general have become a bit out of touch.

"The thing I find intriguing about this Keith Lee thing is he has gone to multiple cities and multiple establishments and been able to eat. His issue in Atlanta isn’t just the service but these rules that make it difficult TO EAT," one person tweeted.

Whether or not restaurants are out of touch specifically became a topic of conversation when The Real Milk & Honey responded to Keith's review by questioning who the famous TikToker is.

"Milk & Honey seems to be forgetting Keith is also a customer and that review could have come from anyone. Because that remark 'who is Keith Lee' shoulda been met with 'a customer, like everyone else coming to your place FOR FOOD'," said a commenter.

Can't wait to see where his tour heads next!

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