Tim Allen reveals Jay Leno refused painkillers after horror accident

Tim Allen has revealed Jay Leno refused to take painkillers after his horrifying accident.
The 72-year-old former 'Tonight Show' host has been released from hospital following skin graft surgery after suffering "significant" injuries when one of his vintage cars burst into flames in his garage earlier this month.
Speaking to 'Tonight Show' star Jimmy Fallon, Allen compared Leno to Deadpool, who "couldn't feel pain".
He recalled: "I called him the day of the accident -- our shops are close to each other. We play around with hot rods and stuff. And one of his mechanics called and said, 'Jay's been in a bad accident'.
"What do you do? He's going to the hospital what am I'm going to do? All I can do is leave a message. He calls, like, back five minutes later. 'Hey, Tim, what's going on?'
"'Oh, sorry Jay I heard you were in a bad accident'... 'Yeah, burned all over third degree burns on my hands, on my face, everything'. I go, 'Where are you -- what are you doing right now?'
"'I'm holding the phone it's really painful.'"
The audience laughed, and the 69-year-old 'Santa Clauses' actor revealed his friend then told him he wasn't taking painkillers in the aftermath.
Allen added: "He's not on painkillers. He said, 'And I'm not on painkillers.' 'Why not?' 'Pain is there for a reason'.
"'Okay. I think pain is there to tell you to take a painkiller isn't that what it's supposed to.'
"Went and saw him and he's just an amazing human being. He just wanted to get out of the hospital and he's - it was one bit after another we sat and talked for a lot."
The AGE-year-old actor joked that every comedian has made "the same joke" about Leno after the accident.
He teased: "I get interviewed and they said he's - 'he looks terrible.' I said, 'Well, he generally didn't look that good to begin with'. Every comic said the same joke...
"But he said he's going with the Clooney look. And he looks really good considering the grafts he's got.
"The picture today, it is amazing what they can do the hospital did a great job."
Allen even jokingly asked Leno for some painkillers if he wasn't going to use them.
He quipped: "We were just riffing. It was so stupid he's all bandaged up 'Yeah, I'm not on painkillers. I don't feel like no painkillers.'
"I kept looking at him I go, 'Dude, could I use some? Because I'm in pain watching you!' "