Former Bachelor Tim Robards taken to hospital after football injury

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Tim Robards will have to spend the next month in crutches and a leg brace learning to “walk and run again properly” after a horrific football injury.

The TV star, who appeared on the first season of The Bachelor in 2013 where he met his wife Anna Heinrich, took to Instagram on Thursday to explain what happened alongside a gallery of photos from his hospital bed.

Tim Robards wearing a hospital gown.
Tim Robards was rushed to hospital after a leg muscle injury. Photo: Instagram/mrtimrobards

“In a moment of what can only be described as pure glory… I was dashing down the footy field in glorious full flight … about to score… and then RIP,” he began. “A part of me that had been a part of me for 39 years was no longer… a part of me hehe.”

Tim went on to explain that the doctor had to reattach his rectus femoris muscle, which runs straight down the thigh and is the only muscle in the quadriceps group that crosses the hip, so he can “walk/run again properly”.


“I’m normally really good with my warm-ups but this time life got in the way, and a few rushed leg swings and high knees just didn’t cut it (note to future self),” he continued.

“So now it’s crutches and a leg brace for me for the next month or so whilst I rehab and get in the best shape of my life approaching 40.”

The former Neighbours actor, who also works as a sports chiropractor, ended the post thanking the hospital staff and doctor “who looked after me and put me back together”.

Tim Robards posing with his hospital food and showing off his leg brace.
Tim said the doctor had to reattach his rectus femoris muscle. Photos: Instagram/mrtimrobards

Shortly after sharing the post, which featured photos of his injured leg, hospital food and a smiling selfie with a thumbs up, a number of Tim’s followers left kind words in the comments.

“Jeez!! Good luck with the recovery brother,” one person said, followed by another who added, “Looking forward to seeing the comeback!”.

Tim’s wife Anna, who is set to star in season three of SAS Australia later this year, also wrote, “I’ll look after you xxx”.

The post comes shortly after Tim spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about how he helped Anna prepare for her upcoming reality TV gig.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich.
Tim helped Anna train for season three of SAS Australia. Photo: Instagram/annaheinrich1

“As much as she then goes off and does it, leading up to that it was such a family affair because I would be training her,” he explained.

“We had our daughter Elle as well, and a lot of it was through lockdown. So I'd be pushing the stroller up Bellevue Hill while Anna would have a backpack strapped on her, running up and down.”

Tim also shared the reasons why his wife chose to join the cast of the military training show less than a year after welcoming their daughter, Elle, into the world.

“There was plenty of questioning whether it was the right thing to do, but I think the main thing for Anna was that she wanted to see what she was capable of,” he said.

“I think being a mother and the challenges of that and the strength that she's built up, she’s now at a point where she's like, I want to really see what I'm made of and I want to make my daughter proud.”

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