Timothée Chalamet Flashes Butt on ‘SNL’ as ‘Gay Famous’ Pop Star Troye Sivan

Timothée Chalamet embraced his inner-twink while hosting the Nov. 11 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” in a sketch in which the Oscar-nominated actor played openly gay Australian pop star Troye Sivan.

The sketch involved a woman (played by cast member Sarah Sherman) complaining to her doctor (played by cast member Bowen Yang) that she’s been seeing a mysterious figure in her sleep every night. When the doctor uses a new therapy to conjure the image while the woman is awake, Chalamet appears in a white tank-top, baggy blue pants and wavy blond hair.

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He then breaks into a version of the choreography from Sivan’s recent hit “Got Me Started,” in which the singer at one point flashes his red briefs to the camera while — there’s no other way to report this — wiggling his butt.

“What are you? Are you a demon?!” the woman asks her vision.

“Not quite, girly,” Chalamet as Sivan responds. “I’m Australian YouTube twink turned indie pop star and model turned HBO actor Troye Sivan being played by an American actor who can’t do an Australian accent.” Sivan recently co-starred on the HBO series “The Idol,” but anyone on TikTok will best recognize him from his recent spate of deeply queer music videos with some iconically memorable dancing.

Yang explains that Sivan has started to haunt the dreams of more and more women “now that this boy is sneaking his way into the mainstream.”

“Isn’t he kind of famous?” she asks.

“He’s gay famous,” the doctor replies. “It’s different!”

After Chalamet dances again, the woman’s confusion only grow stronger. “Why does he have my psyche in a choke hold?” she exclaims. Chalamet-as-Sivan responds: “Isn’t it obvious, homie? I look like a moisturized Machine Gun Kelly, and I’m the most iconic blouse ever. Bye, diva!”

“Why did he call himself a blouse?!” she asks, her desperation rising.

This time, the doctor responds: “A blouse is a fem top!”

By the end of the sketch, Sivan’s hold on the woman’s mind has grown so strong, he begins to multiply, at which point musical guest Boygenius — the indie supergroup consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus — appear in identical Troye Sivan drag. Yang’s doctor joins them, and, yes, more red undies are wiggled at the camera.

UPDATE: On Sunday morning, Sivan responded to the sketch on TikTok by evoking the sketch itself. “The only way I can describe this is like it’s a weird fucking dream,” he said. “Like, imagine: Timothée Chalamet was in my dream, but he was me, and he was wearing my clothes…”

Check out the sketch below, and the mesmerizing Troye Sivan music video that inspired it.

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