Timothee Chalamet 'heartbroken' by coronavirus

Timothee Chalamet has been left "heartbroken" by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 24-year-old actor has been particularly hit hard by the "stories" he's heard coming out of Crema in Italy - the hardest hit country in Europe - where he filmed 2017's 'Call Me By Your Name'.

He wrote on Twitter: "I'm thinking of EVERYONE in hotspots right now, young and old, but CREMA - my heart is with you, I can't believe this is happening. Heartbroken at these stories I'm reading, in locations I know!! Please try to stay safe (sic)"

The movie industry has been deeply impacted by the global outbreak, with many film sets being abandoned and movie release dates being postponed.

The 'Beautiful Boy' star previously said he cherished his time working on the coming-of-age LGBTQ+ movie.

He previously admitted he doesn't think he'll ever have an "immersive" acting experience like 'Call Me By Your Name' again.

Timothee starred alongside Armie Hammer and spent months with the actor biking and bonding around Italy, and Chalamet said the relationship that blossomed is precious.

He said: "I don't think I'll have an acting experience as immersive as that. I came of age as an actor during my time with Armie. The relationship that blossomed out of it is the most precious gift."

'Call Me By Your Name' - which is based on the novel of the same name - follows the story of a young Italian man named Elio (Timothee) who meets Oliver (Armie) after he visits the country to stay at his parents' villa.

The pair then develop a passionate relationship, as they bond over their shared Jewish heritage and their sexuality.

Timothee had to act in Italian despite coming from a French background but believes his "cultural dissociation" helped him nail Elio's character.

He said: "Your personality changes when you're using a second language. Certainly for me, my command of the language wasn't as strong [as my English], it doesn't come to me so easily.

"And by the nature of it, I think, the way people carry themselves in France, compared to New York, I became a little more deferential.

"I would have to search a little more."