Tina Turner: Most Iconic Moments Of All Time

Tina Turner: Most Iconic Moments Of All Time

Legendary Tina Turner, known affectionately as the 'Queen of Rock and Roll,' has passed away at 83. After a protracted illness, she died peacefully in her home in Switzerland. In the wake of this news, we take a look back at some of the most iconic moments of all time, throughout her illustrious music career.

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1) 'River Deep - Mountain High'

Before her incredible solo career, Tina Turner first rose to fame as one half of the Ike and Tina Tina Turner duo. In a stretch of 15 years from 1960 onwards, the pair, who were also in a relationship, had a string of big successes, including 20 songs on the Billboard Hot 11, 12 albums on the Billboard 200 and smash hits such a 'River Deep - Mountain High.'

They married in 1962, had one son together and Tina adopted Ike's two children from previous relationships. However, the marriage famously ended in a ball of flames. After suffering abuse at his hands for years, in 1976 Ike inflicted horrendous violence on Tina before a show in Texas. And with that final straw, she fled from him and filed for divorce.

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2) Queen Of Rock and Roll

In 1979, after a strenuous, distressing divorce and an attempt to take her own life, Tina Turner launched the comeback which would eventually catapult her to superstardom, rebranding herself as the 'Queen of Rock and Roll.'

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3) Tina Turner turns to Bob Mackie

The foundation for any successful comeback, as we all know, isn't simply new music, it's a new image altogether. And when Turner returned to the stage in the late 70s, she'd thrown off her more conservative past, tearing out of the high necklines and low hems to dazzle and delight us with capes, sequins, sheer mesh and buttocks-skimming skirts. And one particular fashion designer helped envisage it all - Bob Mackie.

Mackie was already famous for having made costumes for stars like Lucille Ball and later Cher, but when he met Turner towards the end of her marriage to Ike, he was enchanted. He notoriously said of making her outfits: 'you couldn’t cover anything up,' because her legs were 'simply too beautiful.'

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4) Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

In 1984, Tina Turner's comeback career in full swing. Having recently release the triple-Grammy winning 'Private Dancer', she began catching the attention of Hollywood. And despite a number of offers from major names, among them a certain Steven Spielberg, it was George Miller who convinced her to try trading the stage for the big screen.

Miller cast her as warrior woman and outpost queen, Aunty Entity, in the rollicking post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

As part of the project, she recorded two songs ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)’ and ‘One of the Living’.

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In the wake of the singer's passing, we take a look back at some of the boldest, most explosive and beautiful moments of her career