Tinny Woodall got kicked out of rehab for watching X-rated porn video

Trinny Woodall was kicked out of rehab for watching porn with other residents.
The 59-year-old celebrity stylist - who has been sober for over three decades now - has reflected on her "terrible" first spell in rehab in her 20s and admitted it ended after she and other residents were caught watching an X-rated video.
Appearing on Steven Bartlett's 'Diary Of A CEO' podcast, she said: "That was a funny one, but not funny in the end. It was a terrible rehab.
"Rehabs now are very different but it was a very, very shaming place. It would be closed down now, it didn't have a very good way of dealing with things.
"In that whole scenario there's definitely a feeling of you're thrown in with people you don't know and you reveal your life. It was a time when you would write down your life story.
"They did this stuff where they would get 20 people to critique how bad your life had been, in a room, and judge you for it. Looking back now that was the only way rehabs worked in the UK.
"So when you bring up that porno film it was that sense of let's do something funny because we're having such a s***** time here, and it backfired and I was chucked out."
Trinny explained her battle with addiction was fueled by "an inner lack of confidence" during a period where she didn't know herself.
She added: "I went through phases in my late teens and early twenties of turning to drugs because of not being happy with who I was, not knowing who I was.
"Sometimes people turn to drugs because they don't know who they are. They have an inner lack of confidence, and I definitely had an inner lack of confidence."
She got clean at 26 or 27 years old, which she has described as "a huge beginning of the change" in her life.
She said: "I was so relieved that my twenties were over, so relieved. That was a big moment for me to begin to work out who I was - that was the first moment, probably."