Titus O'Neil: Hulk Hogan is 'part of WWE family'

Titus O'Neil says Hulk Hogan is "part of the WWE family".

The 41-year-old superstar - who questioned the Hall of Famer's sincerity when he apologised to the roster after returning following his racism scandal - has backed the company's recent decision to have the legend return at 'Crown Jewel'.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: "It's not my decision who goes where, I support whatever decision the company goes with.

"But at the same time we are all independent thinkers; I have no ill will towards Hulk Hogan whatsoever.

"He's a part of the WWE family and as a part of the WWE family we embrace him and we'll make whatever we have to work, work."

Avoiding the controversy - which saw Hogan fired and exiled from WWE for three years - Titus added that the comeback was a decision based on entertainment above all else.

He added: "Him going over to Saudi Arabia was a decision that was made solely on the basis of being entertaining and I know the princes and the fans over there ate it up.

"They wanted him over there before too and it was good for the fans there to see him and for him to get that rush of the crowd."

Hulk - whose real name is Terry Bollea - was delighted to be back in front of his fans years after his contract with WWE was terminated.

Acting as host of the event in Saudi Arabia, he said at the beginning of the show: "You know something Maniacs, it feels so good to be out here in front of the whole WWE Universe and to be out here in front of all of my stark-raving Hulkamaniacs, brother.

"But you know what even feels better, is after I climb on that huge jumbo 747 jet, flew half-way across the world and landed here, I found out that the power of Hulkamania and my Hulkamaniacs was stronger than ever - right here at the 'Crown Jewel.' "