Today Extra hosts divide viewers with 'illegal' KitKat combo: 'I hate it'

KitKat Australia has also weighed in on the controversial trend.

Today Extra hosts Richard Wilkins and Sylvia Jeffries eating a KitKat with tomato sauce.
Today Extra hosts were disgusted after they tried eating a KitKat with tomato sauce. Photos: Channel Nine

Today Extra hosts Sylvia Jeffries, Richard Wilkins and Davina Smith have jumped on board a bizarre new food trend that’s currently going viral on social media. During Thursday morning’s show, the breakfast TV presenters tried eating a KitKat with tomato sauce - a combination that has left people around the world truly divided.

“We just love doing illegal stuff on-air,” David Campbell remarked at the beginning of the segment. “So apparently the food combo works because of the saltiness of the tomato sauce and the sweetness of the chocolate.”

While David sat out of the taste test because he’s vegan, he watched on as his colleagues hesitantly bit into the tomato sauce-covered chocolate bar.

“Terrible, I hate it,” Sylvia said after one bite. “It’s terrible! Tomato sauce belongs on a sausage.”


Richard had a much more visual reaction to the combination, scrunching his face in absolute disgust as he chewed.

“That’s ghastly,” he shared, while Davina struggled to swallow the treat.

After a video of the hilarious on-air moment was shared on social media, viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the controversial combination. While some people admitted they’d give it a try, others said there was “no way” they’d eat it.

“That's a big NO from me,” one person wrote, while another added, “Thank you for saving the rest of us”.

“It’s like a bad pregnancy craving,” a third remarked, followed by someone else who said, “I personally wouldn’t eat it but I do agree no harm in trying and that would be my reaction too”.

The official KitKat Australia account also weighed in, writing: “What a combo!”

KitKat's KitKat’chup flavour.
KitKat and Heinz have jokingly teased an official release of the product. Photo: Instagram/kitkatanz

With TikTokers all over the world testing out the combo, KitKat and Heinz have jokingly teased an official release of the fusion titled ‘KitKat’chup flavour’.

“Even when it’s KitKat®, it has to be Heinz. Do we dare?” they posted on Instagram earlier this week alongside an image of the hypothetical packaging.

“Don’t think it would be a big seller,” one fan commented, with someone else responding, “This is a criminal offence to all us chocoholics”.


Many people also questioned if the post was a very late April Fools joke, however, others said they would be keen to buy it.

“Omg my two favourite things I hope this is real,” someone replied, while another added, “Two of my favs together!”.

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