NSW Premier Perrottet roasts Today's Karl Stefanovic: 'Super aggressive'

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Karl Stefanovic found himself the butt of a joke in an awkward moment during an interview with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet on the Today show on Monday. 

As retailers, gyms, and hospitality venues reopen on 'Freedom Day' in NSW, they are expected to be checking the Covid vaccination status of visitors, with the Premier chatting to the breakfast program about getting your proof of vaccination to show.

"Today everybody around the state if you get your medicare app, it's got the status there," Perrottet explained.

"I did it last night and it took about 30 seconds. It's a pretty straight forward process."

Karl however disagreed, admitting: "It took me three hours."


Co-host Ally Langdon added: "And that was with me helping him. It took hours and hours and hours."

The Premier was clearly surprised saying: "Really!!?? On your Medicare app??"

Karl continued saying he is not "good with technology", before joking: "Don't accuse me! That's super aggressive Premier."

today show karl stefanovic
Karl admitted he 'wasn't good with technology'. Photo: Channel Nine

Currently Services Australia allows those who have been vaccinated to download two types of documents – an immunisation history statement and a COVID-19 digital certificate.

To access either certificate online, you will need to have a MyGov account.

Most people will want to access their certificates through their phones, which are available through multiple apps. If you don't have Medicare, you can access your certificates by getting an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) which can be set up through MyGov, however can be done by post.

Perrottet ended up offering Karl some tutoring if he required, saying: "I'd be happy to give some tutoring. You are from Queensland Karl."

"Exactly, we do things with thongs," Karl hit back, laughing.

today show interview premier dom perrottet
The Premier offered him some tutoring. Photo: Channel Nine

It's the second time Karl and the incumbent NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet shared some back and forth on air, after the TV host confronted the politician with a question about a recent 'fiery' phone call he had with PM Scott Morrison last week.

Eager Sydneysiders queued up as the clock struck midnight to get into their favourite clubs and shops overnight, as some opened their doors at 12:01am.

The state last week hit the mark of 70 per cent of its eligible population fully vaccinated, triggering the new rules, allowing retail and hospitality venues to open, albeit with some restrictions.

In Western Sydney, for example, eager shoppers filled the carpark at midnight to get into a Kmart store in Blacktown.

If you are unable to access your certificates online or through the apps, you can call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 who can send your immunisation history statement to you.

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