Today's birthday 15/9

The Christian Democrats Fred Nile has been a member of the NSW Legislative Council since 1981

Today's Birthday, September 15: Australian politician Fred Nile (1934 - )

When Fred Nile was caught out recounting a wildly inaccurate story to NSW parliament as the debate about voluntary assisted dying laws raged, he put it down to divine intervention.

Admitting he had made a mistake, Nile admitted that he hadn't meant to mention the case study of an assisted dying case in the US state of Oregon when contributing to the debate, but defended himself by suggesting God had prompted him by giving him a full-blown visual of the newspaper report.

Born in Sydney on September 15, 1934, Frederick John Nile travelled a long road to get to his moment with God in parliament.

At the age of 20, Nile volunteered for the Australian Army before turning his mind to the study of theology.

A decade later, in 1964, he was ordained as a minister.

Time working as the national director of the Australian Christian Endeavour Movement before an appointment as the NSW director of the Festival of Light followed.

Nile then founded the Call to Australia Party and in 1981 was elected to the NSW upper house. He stayed for more than three decades, bar a failed run at the Senate in the 2004 federal election where he briefly resigned.

For 53 years Nile was married to Elaine Crealy, who he met while studying in 1958. Elaine followed him into politics, serving as a member of the legislative council from 1988 to 2002. The pair welcomed four children into the world together.

Crealy died in 2011 after a long battle with cancer. Nile went on to find love again, this time with Silvana Nero who he met at a Christian Democrat Party meeting and who he married in 2013 despite a 24-year age gap.

Nile won his last eight-year term in the NSW Senate in 2014 at the age of 80. It's a place he's made his mark on, with a whole section of the parliament's annual awards named in his honour.

The Fred is awarded to statements from the clergy, celebrities or the culinary world who make the most sexist remarks of the year.