Prime may be over, but you can still bag 45 Andrex loo rolls for only £16

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Prime may be over, but you can still bag 45 Andrex loo roll for only £16. (Getty Images)
Prime may be over, but you can still bag 45 Andrex loo roll for only £16. (Getty Images)

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OK, so loo paper is not the most glamorous purchase you've ever made, in fact it's probably more towards the other end of the spectrum, but, it is a necessity. 

Which means that every few weeks, we find ourselves trying to manoeuvre a bulky, cumbersome stack of rolls from the supermarket to our home.

Which is probably why, you, our trusty Yahoo readers, absolutely loved the Andrex loo roll deal on Prime Day, where you could bag 54 super soft rolls with a hefty discount. 

Though Amazon Prime Day 2021 has ended, we've done a little bit of digging and have discovered another worthy loo roll deal that you can bag yourself today: 45 rolls of Andrex Toilet Roll for only £16, which we think is definitely still a worthy buy.

You might not be as excited as you were when you saw that you can nab an Alexa for 20% off, but you'll certainly be grateful in the days and weeks to come. 

Backed by over 35,000 reviews, it's fair to say this loo roll has been tried and tested. 

The gentle Andrex loo roll is super soft and great for anyone with sensitive skin, including kids. 

What the reviews say:

  • "After trying several different brands and types of toilet paper to try and keep my child from being so sore, we stumbled across this Andrex toilet paper. We've probably been using this for at least two years now and said child has had no issues at all. Always surprisingly soft."

  • "45 has lasted us a long old time so I'm very happy, and I do find Andrex to be as good as any other brand I've tried. It's been nice not having to worry about buying any more and knowing we've got loads spare."

  • "Toilet paper is bulky and I hate carrying it home so I buy in bulk and have it delivered."

  • "Andrex Gentle toilet paper is by far the most gentle and soothing I've encountered. Anyone with sensitive skin issues, or haemorrhoids, or diarrhoea will find great relief."

  • "Lovely toilet roll. I like ordering this pack as I hate buying toilet roll in the shops. It's bulky and awkward to carry and not mention extortionate! This offers a solution to my problems and I have consistently bought this for over a year now and will never turn back."

Buy it: Andrex Toilet Roll - Gentle Clean Toilet Paper, 45 Toilet Rolls | £16.88 (Was £18.45) -9%

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