Tom Brady has dropped 10lbs as he’s suffering less ‘stress’ after walking away from NFL

Tom Brady has dropped 10lbs as he is suffering less stress in his life since quitting the NFL.
The retired quarterback, 46, walked away from professional football in February – with his indecisiveness about ditching his sports career allegedly leading to his split from Gisele Bündchen – and has now said he feels fitter than ever as a result.
He told the ‘Let’s Go’ podcast with former NFL players Larry Fitzgerald, 40, and 63-year-old sportscaster Jim Gray: “Yeah, I’m down about 10lbs, but I’m actually very fit right now.
“I haven’t had the stress that I had while I was playing so that’s allowed me to focus a little bit more on my physical health.”
The seven-time Super Bowl champion added about the importance of focusing on health and wellness: “You could prioritise a lot of other things – career, kids, relationships, family, greater good, community.
“But at the end of the day, physical and mental health should sit at the top of the pyramid.”
Tom and his ex-wife Gisele, 43, who have son Benjamin, 13, and daughter Vivian, 10, together, finalised their divorce in October 2022 after 13 years of marriage.
Tom has previously made headlines over his rigorous diet – which rules out white sugar, dairy, white flour, caffeine and iodised salt.
He even avoids strawberries and nightshade vegetables.
In July, Tom said he was still sticking to his eating regime in retirement, telling People: “I don’t think it’s a strict regimen. I think it’s just trying to make healthy choices that allow me to live the life I want to live.
“I still want to maintain. I’ve developed so many healthy habits, I just want to stick with them.”
Gisele revealed during a ‘CBS News Sunday Morning’ interview aired at the weekend she was blindsided by her split from Tom and had always wanted a long marriage like her parents.
She said: “(Our split was) not what I dreamed of and what I hoped for. My parents have been married for 50 years, and I really wanted that to happen.
“But I think you have to accept, you know, sometimes that the way you are in your 20s, it’s sometimes you grow together, sometimes you grow apart.”