Tom Grennan blames attack on 'wrong place, wrong time'

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Tom Grennan says his attack came from being in the "wrong place at the wrong time".
The 26-year-old singer / songwriter was attacked and robbed outside a bar in Manhattan shortly after performing a show in the city and Tom was left with a ruptured ear drum and a concussion.
He said on Instagram after the attack: "I am all good. The support I have been seeing is unbelievable and very overwhelming.
"The 24 hours has been crazy, it has been madness.
“It was wrong place, wrong time. I was punched, knocked out. I woke up and thought, 'Woah, what went on?'
"I have a ruptured ear drum, luckily my jaw is fine, I have a bit of concussion. I am on meds at the moment and that is taking the pain away.
“I have filed the police report. The NYPD were great, they were brilliant so, yeah, wrong place, wrong time."
The attack was first revealed by Tom's manager John Dawkins, who wrote on Twitter: "In the early hours of [Thursday] morning after Tom’s New York show he was the victim of an unprovoked attack and robbery outside a bar in Manhattan.
"Despite this Tom is in good spirits but needs to temporarily recuperate whilst doctors assess his ability to continue with the tour."
"Tom is desperate not to let anyone down, however we have taken the precautionary decision to postpone the Washington show tomorrow to a later date, with details to follow."

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