Tom Grennan suffering from a 'ruptured eardrum' following New York attack

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Tom Grennan is suffering from a "ruptured eardrum" after being attacked in New York.
The 26-year-old singer-songwriter was mugged following a performance in the Big Apple back in April and is now unable to put "anything over his ear" but insisted he was "just in the wrong place at the wrong time" when the attack took place.
He said: "I was attacked and had some money stolen off me. But yeah, what happened was just I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah, obviously, it was in a in the wrong place in New York at that point. But I ruptured my eardrum, and yeah, so I've got so that's why I've got this thing up here. Okay, because I can't put anything over my ear."
However, the 'Little Bit of Love' hitmaker - who has now resumed his tour following recuperation and is set to play performances across Australia - went on to claim that the incident will stop him from staying positive as he joked that it will be good material for any future memoirs.
Speaking on 'Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk' podcast, he said: "I'm not letting that derail me from being positive. It's good for the autobiography! When it happened, I was chatting to police and [they told me that] it's really really tough at the moment just a lot of that kind of stuff going on.
"I was at a bar. So I just came out of the bar. And I didn't really know to be honest. I had no idea. I was just in new place and it just happened.
"But I'm good. Apart from the jetlag. I'm good!"

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