Tom Parker's widow suffered trauma 'beyond anything anyone could imagine'

Tom Parker's widow Kelsey has suffered trauma "beyond anything anyone could imagine".
The Wanted star died aged 33 in March after a battle with a brain tumour and now Kelsey Parker, 32, has opened up about life after the loss of her husband - revealing she is never going to be the person she was before Tom died.
Speaking in an episode of her docuseries 'Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom', she explained: "Of course I'm not OK, I'm never going to be the Kelsey I was two years ago and that's just it.
"The trauma I've suffered is beyond anything anyone could imagine."
Kelsey is now raising the couple's two children - Aurelia, three, and Bodhi, two - alone and during a therapy session on the show she recalled a conversation with her husband in which they imagined growing old together.
She said: "'All I wanted was to be with Tom, grow old together, sitting on a bench eating bread rolls. When we'd go out we'd be like 'That will be us eating fish and chips on a bench'.
"This isn't what I thought my life was going to be and that upsets me because I wanted that so much. This is my - not new life - but this is my life and I'm getting on with it."
During the show she was also asked if Tom would want her to find love again and Kelsey - who is rumoured to have grown close to electrician Sean Boggans in recent months - said: "We didn't really have those conversations but, knowing Tom, I feel like he would be happy for me. He'd just want me to be happy. And I'm so young."