Toni Collette furious women still have to think about safety: ‘You really have to think twice’

Toni Collette is furious women still have to think about their safety when jogging at night.
The 50-year-old ‘Hereditary’ actress – who has daughter Sage, 15, and son Arlo, 11, with her 44-year-old musician ex-husband Dave Galafassi – says she would “love” to exercise outside at 2am but won’t as you “have to really think twice” as a woman.
She told Glamour magazine in an interview to promote her new series ‘The Power’, about girls developing the terrifying killer power to emit electricity: “We sadly do have to f****** think about that. We always have had to do that. “I walk everywhere, all the time, I love it. It’s my favourite thing. It clears my head. I feel good in my body.
“I get to see the world up close and notice things that you don’t see when you’re moving faster.
“I would love to be able to go walking at 2am if I’m jet-lagged and can’t sleep, or if I’m up really early and want to go out before the light.
“But you have to really think twice as a woman.”
‘The Power’ sees a society develop in which women are the dominant sex, and Toni – who plays mayor of Seattle and mum-of-three Margot Cleary-Lopez on the Amazon Prime show – said the plot is a “metaphor for the inherent power we all have”.
She added: “It's just that, historically and traditionally, boys and men have been encouraged to develop that power and nurture it. Girls and women haven’t.”
Toni also said about how the world has changed in the way women are viewed and treated: “I think people are very aware of what they can't do, that certain behaviours are not acceptable!
“But different types of stories and opportunities have definitely opened up for women in the industry.
“We’re not just standing next to the guy for decoration, to look pretty, as an appendage of some kind, or as someone that needs saving.
“Thank God that’s over. That will never happen again. It’s been incredible really. There are some older films – don’t ask me which – that I watch with my kids, and I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, that would not be made now.’ And it’s very recent. These changes are recent.”