Tony Abbott’s daughter prepares for bikini competition

Olivia Morris

You wouldn’t know it from her online profile but the Instagrammer that goes by the username “not another fitness blog” is, in fact, the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances.

The Melbourne-based beauty has been documenting her progress in the recent weeks as she prepares for an upcoming bikini modelling competition she is participating in this weekend and, oh wow, does she look good.

Tony Abbott's daughter Frances has been recording her fitness progress for an upcoming bikini modelling competition. The pair are pictured here together in 2013. Source: Getty
Frances likes to show off her incredibly toned body on Instagram. Source: Instagram

In an Instagram post last week she expressed how excited she was to take part in the competition but also said “It ain’t gonna be easy (sic)”.

After many weeks of “training, weighing [her] food, staying in, posing, flexing, twisting” the 26-year-old is due to participate in the Australian ICN Victorian State Titles this weekend.

She's been sharing her progress on social media but admitted it the competition wasn't going to be easy. Source: Instagram
The 26-year-old has some MAJOR abs. Source: Instagram

According to the Daily Mail Australia, the bikini model in training has entered in the “sports model” category which involves Frances wearing a bikini-style fitness outfit to show off her toned body.

The politician’s daughter updated her followers of her fitness journey of what this weekend will be like for her: “Heels on. Top off. Half turn, half turn. Quarter turn, quarter turn, quarter turn. Breath out (sic)”.

This weekend will entail Frances having “no mirror, just judges and a crowd of people and not much in the way of pants, just a few inches of Lycra (sic) and some bling bling”.

She's been practising her poses for the upcoming bikini modelling competition. Source: Instagram

Just last week, the fitness fanatic wrote revealed on Instagram how she doesn’t “really care much for politics” but does “care a lot of love”.

Here Frances shows off her amazing toned tum. Source: Instagram

Frances encouraged those who follow her on social media to vote yes in the current debate surrounding the legalities in gay marriage.

She posted a photo of herself smiling in a “vote yes” t-shirt.

Frances will be voting yes in the gay marriage vote. Source: Instagram
Her father has different views on the gay marriage subject. They are pictured here together in 2013. Source: Getty

Her father has different views to his daughter on the subject of gay marriage.

The former Prime Minister is married to Margaret Abbott and the pair three children in total including Frances, Louise and Bridget.

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