Tony Bennett’s children battling over his estate

Tony Bennett’s children are fighting over his estate less than a year after the crooner’s death.
The ‘Rags to Riches’ singer passed away aged 96 at his home in New York on 21 July, 2023, after a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, and his children Antonia Bennett and Johanna Bennett have now filed a lawsuit against their brother D’Andrea ‘Danny’ Bennett for an undisclosed amount over their late father’s trust and assets.
Antonia and Johanna named their other brother Daegal ‘Dae’ Bennett, and Tony’s widow Susan Benedetto as additional respondents in the filing.
Antonia and Johanna say in their court papers they are seeking “equitable relief” as they believe proceeds from the sale of some of Tony’s assets to brand development firm Iconoclast were not accounted for by Danny – who was Tony’s manager and is the trustee of the Family Trust.
The sisters claim that in his role as Tony’s manager, Danny obtained “personal benefits” for “himself and his company” as the result of transactions made on behalf of Tony, Benedetto Arts, LLC, and the family trust.
They include the sale and consignment of his late father's memorabilia and personal property.
Antonia and Johanna also allege their brother and his legal team have “persistently” failed and refused to provide full context when it comes to Tony’s property and assets in which they have rights and interests as beneficiaries.
Tony is said to have died with a net worth of $200 million.
Antonia and Johanna say in their filing: “Although Danny and his counsel have provided piecemeal information and produced some documents to Petitioners’ counsel, the information provided raises more questions than answers and fails to provide anything close to an accounting of Tony’s assets and financial affairs.”
The sisters add they have “well-founded concerns” about father-of-four Tony’s finances and assets involving FamilyTrust assets and Benedetto Arts, LLC prior to and following his death.
They are requesting all property and assets are “inventoried”, accounted for, and distributed “pursuant to the express terms of the Family Trust”.
Danny will need to turn over all principal, interest, receipts, disbursements, expenditures and tax returns.