'It's all been too safe': Grimsby residents give their verdict on general election campaigns

This year Sky News' Target Towns has focused on how the people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes are feeling in the run-up to the general election.

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer both travelled to Grimsby to answer residents' questions for Sky's The Battle For Number 10 programme on 12 June. In the final week of campaigning, we asked five residents of our Target Towns what they have made of the national campaign.

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Mike Burton - Motivational speaker

"Sunak will be remembered for the chaos, Labour look the more united party," Mike told Sky News.

The 40-year-old former headteacher loves positivity and optimism. In the spring he told us that people were looking for hope. For Mike, the six-week campaign hasn't delivered enough of it.

"Neither side has been bold enough with their promises of change - it's all been too safe," he said.

"I just hope there is some stability and whoever wins gets a decent amount of time to change things - maybe 10 or 12 years to make change from where we are starting."

Dave Wright - Cobbler

Just before the budget in March, Dave Wright told Sky News he probably wouldn't bother voting this year and nothing has changed.

"My apathy knows no bounds," he joked ahead of polling day.

He said both Sunak and Starmer have failed to impress him and described them as: "Two people of a similar hue scoring zero points against each other.

"I disengaged a long, long time ago and nothing has enticed me back since.

"Quite a few customers are voting Reform - it's a protest vote against the insincerity of both [main] parties, I think."

Josephine Kweka - Retired public health visitor

Trust is a big issue for Josephine, who is a member of the local Women's Institute in Grimsby.

She felt dismayed about the Conservatives who allegedly placed bets on the election date.

"This thing about gambling is not a good example really... you take office and you are trusted. People look at you to be a role model," she said.

"It is embarrassing really.

"The Labour Party has done well… Nigel Farage has irritated me, supporting someone like Putin, even indirectly, is not a good example."

Josephine does though have optimism that the next parliament will deliver something better: "In the end there are some good people there who work hard and we have to give them a chance."

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Alan Burley - Community worker

"Starmer has played a level bat all the way through and for me he's been very economical with the truth about how Labour might tax after he's elected," Alan said.

Alan, a Labour Party member, has worked with families in some of the most deprived wards in Grimsby. He therefore believes helping those in poverty across the UK has to be a top priority.

"I don't think we will see any immediate difference - maybe in the NHS it will be quicker but everything else needs time."

Interestingly, he doesn't want a huge landslide victory: "I hope Labour don't get a massive majority because it might make them think they can do what they like with no effective opposition.

"On Sunak, the D-Day thing, I think, did him, the veterans I have spoken to were absolutely appalled by it."

Lynn - Foster carer

"Being honest I think they all say what they want you to hear and then do what they want," Lynn said.

Lynn has fostered nearly 40 children over the years and is dismayed at how politics doesn't seem to deliver for the people.

"Most of the time I turn it off the TV and if I get something through the door it just goes in the bin.

"I might vote because I feel like it's a waste if I don't, but even now I have no idea who to vote for.

"I know a lot of parents of disabled children… politicians say they are going to improve things for people with disabilities and it doesn't happen - that's why people don't want to vote."

The list of candidates for the Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes constituency:
Green Party - Ed Fraser
Reform UK - Oliver Freeston
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition - Mark Gee
Liberal Democrats - John Lawson
Conservative - Lia Nici
Labour - Melanie Onn
Social Democratic Party - Christopher Stephenson