Top Aussie baby names of 2020 revealed

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A new, surprising source has revealed Australia's top baby names. Photo: Getty Images

Bond’s nation-wide annual search for Australia’s fave babe has had a record response rate this year, attracting almost 75,000 entries

Both fur babies and real babies were included, and now the underwear giant has revealed a surprising trend in baby names across the nation the search has uncovered.

An early baby name trend report for the year, the search takes entries from bubs between the ages of 0 and four, reflecting the last four years of names Aussies have flocked to.

Topping the list for boys is a trio of traditional, but still funky names; Oliver, Noah and Leo.

The little girls are also pushing the envelope with Charlotte, Mia and Ava at the top.

Interestingly Leo is also at the top of the favourite cat names list.

Other standouts include Charlie and Mason for boys, saved from bad taste by one missing ‘n’, and thankfully listed as separate name categories.

Celebrity inspo

Blue Ivy has had half her name make the list. Photo: Getty Images

The girls seemed to stick with a bunch of names inspired by celebrity bubs.

Ivy, of Blue Ivy fame, was number nine, closely following Willow, made famous by Willow Smith, at number eight.

Princess Charlotte, of course, could be behind the top spot, while Harper Beckham has a nod taking out seventh place.

With that said, the names actually closely resemble another list reported earlier in the year, that was predicted based on the hypothesis that names considered dated or old fashioned tend to spend several generations - about 100 or so years - on the ‘no’ list before becoming trendy again.

The theory used the most popular names of 1920, to predict the top names for this year, and the similarities between the lists are uncanny.

Princess Charlotte's name is top of the list. Photo: Getty Images

Top 5 girl’s names according to Bonds






Top 5 girls names of 2019 according to 100-year trend

1. Charlotte

2. Olivia

3. Amelia

4. Ava

5. Mia

Top 5 boy’s names according to Bonds






Top 5 girls names of 2019 according to 100-year trend

1. Oliver

2. Jack

3. William

4. Noah

5. Henry

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