The viral wedding outfit sure to upstage the bride

The Internet has been divided by an over-the-top ‘mother of the bride’ dress. Photo: Twitter

When it comes to weddings, all eyes should be on the bride…right?

But an over-the-top evening gown is causing a stir on social media for being marketed as a suitable option for a mother of the bride.

Twitter user Rave Sashayed shared a photo of an embellished black gown with nude lining by Bulgarian designer, Tonena.

“The pure awe I experienced when I saw this was labeled a ‘mother of the bride’ dress,” Shashayed wrote about the handmade dress, which retails for $3511.33 AUD.

With more than 7,000 likes, people were quick to weigh in on the extravagant gown, suggesting the dramatic look, complete with ostrich feathers, is fitting for an evil step-mother or other Disney villain.

“That dress says I’m seducing my son in law and when my daughter confronts me I will chuckle scornfully,” one user said.

“This is a dress that I expect whoever is wearing it to throw a drink in my face and tell me I will never be good enough for him,” joked another.

While it’s unclear if this look is meant for the likes of Kris Jenner or Morticia Addams, others weren’t laughing at the fashion option.

“I know it’s meant to be humorous or something, but there are mothers out there who consistently put out her daughter’s light, remember the toxicity of these women permeates down generations,” user commented.

The designer’s other gowns include a ‘Mob wife/Mother of the bride’ gown and a selection of mini-skirt wedding dresses.

It’s unclear whether this mother-of-the-bride is a case of search engine optimisation and a culture clash, but Tonena customers seem to be very pleased with their purchases.

In fact, several brides have shared photos of themselves in their custom creations praising the designer’s work.

Several brides have shared photos of themselves in their custom creations praising the designer’s work. Photo: Etsy

“Tonena did an amazing job. I can’t recommend her enough. I was initially losing weight and then I found out I was pregnant,” Etsy user Kate Boyd said.

“She adjusted all my measurements and worked with me on my changing body. All from a distance. The dress needed zero alterations and fit perfectly.”

“I was a little skeptical that it would actually be what the picture was but honestly  the custom measurements worked great!” Happy customer Nouhad Eskanian shared. “This dress is even more beautiful in person! It’s everything I was looking for, the material was incredible, the dress fit perfect, literally top quality!”

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