Police believe an Auckland man who hasn't been seen by his family for almost two weeks is still in the area.

Arthur Cooper, 62, was last seen at his home, in the North Shore suburb of Birkdale, on November 22.

However, members of the public have reported seeing him, with the last confirmed sighting on Sunday morning at Shepherds Park.

"A lady called out to him and he's turned and looked at her and then scurried off into the bush," Beach Haven community constable Grant Kenny told NZ Newswire.

"We tracked him with a dog for over an hour, but we lost the track due to the amount of people that were around the park.

"We've got reason to believe he's still around."

Const Kenny says search teams, helicopters and launches have all been used to scour the bush area for any sign of Mr Cooper.

His family is distraught, Const Kenny said.

"They just want him home."

Police are encouraging people to call them immediately if they think they have seen Mr Cooper.

NZ Newswire

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