Ridley Scott s Alien: Covenant lands in Milford Sound
Filming for the latest Alien movie has been captured taking place in the picturesque Milford Sound. Photo: avpgalaxy.net

One of New Zealand's most postcard perfect locations is taking on a new facade as set construction for Sir Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant movie gets underway in Fiordland.

With many social media users posting photos of the bizarre addition to the popular tourist destination, the Alien vs Predator fan site avpgalaxy.net compiled an assortment of the best shots, and the end result is the Milford Sound like you've never seen it before.

Perched on the foreshore in front of the iconic Mitre Peak, an alien-like structure - thought to be a craft of some sort - can clearly be seen.

Speculation has arisen over the last few weeks as to whether Fiordland would feature as a filming location for the Ridley Scott film.


Speaking to Fairfax Media a company spokesperson said a recent influx of trucks were in town to film a Prometheus sequel.

"It's the Alien: Covenant film," the man said.

"They've just come over to do eight days. It's a lot more scenery I think."

Posting an image to Reddit yesterday, nik282000 said: "I was in Milford Sound this past weekend and I managed to get a shot of "the ship" that was under construction. The place were I was staying was booked up with crew who had been setting up and bringing in material."

Alien: Covenant is the sequel to Scott's 2012 Prometheus, and is the next installment of the popular Alien franchise.

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