NZ quake: Geonet says we don t know what we are dealing with
NZ quake: Geonet says 'we don't know what we are dealing with'

Volcanologists are keeping a close eye on volcanic activity following the severe earthquake that struck the South Island overnight.

Despite there being no increase in activity, Volcanologist Agnes Mazot from GNS Science told Fairfax Media that they will continue to keep watch for activity around New Zealand's most active sites.

"I was looking at this just five minutes ago and it has been alright. I don't see anything different from before the earthquake," she said.

The Central Plateau's Mt Ngauruhoe is one of the volcanoes being closely monitored following the quake. Photo: SNPA

Meanwhile, seismologists are baffled by Monday morning's string of earthquakes, saying they may have involved more than one fault.

Geonet duty seismologist Dr Anna Kaiser said they still had a lot to learn about the nature of the severe 7.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked many parts of the country, and the aftershocks that have since ensued.

Credit: AP

"We don't know what we are dealing with right now but it may be ... it involves potentially more than one fault ... we need to figure out what was going on before and after the 7.5 magnitude quake," she told NZME.

"We're working very hard ... this is looking quite complex."

The epicentre was possibly just south of the Hope fault, but it did look like "something else was going on".

The latest update from Geonet said the reason for a multitude of aftershocks following the 7.5 tremor could be due to the earthquake being two separate jolts.

"The M7.5 looks like TWO separate earthquakes, which is why we are seeing aftershocks in two locations. More info to come," a post on the GeoNet Twitter account said.

More to come.


  • 7.5 quake struck at 12.02am not far from Hanmer Springs in North Canterbury in the South Island

  • A swarm of aftershocks since, the biggest being 6.2


  • A tsunami warning issued for the east coast of the North Island, South Island and Chatham Islands

  • People in low lying parts of these areas have been told to move immediately inland or to higher ground

  • Confirmation a tsunami was generated

  • Waves up to 5m above normal could be expected in some areas

  • Canterbury residents within 1km from coast instructed to head inland or to higher ground


  • Injuries reported, but details yet to be confirmed

  • Homes damaged in North Canterbury

  • Landslips and bridge damage on road network

  • At least one building reported to have collapsed in Kaikoura

  • Bridge at Wellington ferry terminal collapsed


  • SH1 Blenheim to Kaikoura

  • SH1 Picton to Blenheim

  • SH7 Waitara to Springs Junction
A landslide blocks Kaikoura Road. Photo: AP


  • MetLink suspends services on Wellington train network until daylight inspection and Wellington Railway Station is closed to the public until further notice

  • KiwiRail train services in the lower North island and the South Island cancelled pending track checks

  • Ferry sailings cancelled until damage assessments at Picton and Wellington can be completed

(Sources: Geonet, CDEM, NZTA, NZ Police)

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