You can’t be pretty if you’re bald : Teacher shames 5-year-old leukaemia survivor
'You can’t be pretty if you’re bald': Teacher shames 5-year-old leukaemia survivor

A substitute teacher has been blasted after she reportedly made fun of a five-year-old cancer survivor's hair in front of the class.

Ma'Kayla Welsh, five, was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago and underwent chemotherapy.

Despite being in remission, the young girl's hair has started to fall out, making her feel self-conscious.

"It did bother her that she was losing her hair again. It bothered her to the point she didn't want to go to school when it was all gone," Ma'Kayla's mother, Nicole Welsh told WPXI.

But now Welsh has lashed out after a substitute teacher noticed Ma'Kayla with handfuls of hair in her hand.

The teacher believed Ma'Kayla had deliberately pulled her own hair out, so the teacher called the five-year-old out in front of her class mates and shamed her.

Ma'Kayla Welsh with her mum Nicole. Photo: Nicole Welsh

She told Ma'Kayla: If she was bald, she wouldn't be pretty," said Welsh.

Mrs Welsh was furious when she found out, immediately calling the Wylandville Elementary School's principal saying the comment was disgusting.

She said the school was understanding and “promised she'd never go through anything like that again”.

Ma'Kayla's mother warned teachers should be careful about what they say to kids.

She said: “Words can hurt a lot more than anything else.

“They can stick with you forever."

Following the incident, Mrs Welsh said the school made Ma'Kayla's class watch a video on what the five-year-old was going through to better educate her peers.

“When the video was done, the whole class rallied around and hugged her. She was excited and couldn't wait to go to school,” said Welsh.

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