Footage of an ugly fight taking place outside Polyfest in Manukau, Auckland, has emerged online.

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brutal south auckland street brawl caught on camera


VIDEO Brutal south Auckland street brawl caught on camera. Source: Facebook/Lukah Taulealea brutal south auckland street brawl caught on camera

In the video, a group of males can be seen brawling, with two ending up on the ground and being kicked multiple times.

The footage, which was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, has been viewed over 112,000 times since it first appeared.

According to 1 News, a police spokesperson said they attended the incident just before 4pm on Te Irirangi Drive outside the Manukau Sports Bowl.

However, police said no arrests were made as the people pictured were "long gone" by the time they got there.

Photos: Facebook

Police told NZME that it was one of multiple violent affairs outside the Polyfest event.

Polyfest event director Theresa Howard told NZME that organisers were working with the police to identify the men.

"The behaviour is not acceptable at all with us, as festival organisers," she said.

"In terms of the video, we're not even sure if the people were associated or had earlier participated or visited the festival."

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