Filming for the sixth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise begins next month, and some of it will take place in New Zealand.

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tom cruise acts out his film career w/ james corden


Mission: Impossible 6, with lead actor Tom Cruise, will also shoot in Paris and London, chief executive of the film's production company, Skydance Media, told entertainment website Collider.

Tom Cruise. Photo: Getty

Filming was delayed for the film after Cruise demanded more money.

This isn't the first time the superstar will have shot a film here, he also starred in the 2003 Taranaki-shot flick The Last Samurai.

During his time here, he famously changed a stranger's tyre on a countryside road, was a fan of local fast food and had women flash their bare breasts at his helicopter.

"I'm going to miss the fish and chips, we're going to miss our Friday night McDonald's, you know, we are going to miss the beach at night," he told media shortly before boarding a private jet and leaving.

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