1080 a proven success: Barry
1080 a proven success: Barry

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry has released the results of a five-year study which shows vulnerable native birds have been breeding at much higher rates in areas where 1080 is used to control predators.

South Island kaka nesting at Lake Paringa in South Westland produced 30 times as many chicks compared with an area where no 1080 was used.

Kea and kaka (above) have been observed. Photo: SNPA

"Put another way, 55 per cent of kaka nests were successful up to a year after 1080 treatment, but only 1.75 per cent were successful where the compound was not used," she said.

"Results just in for the reclusive rock wren are also showing very high nesting success following aerial 1080 treatment last spring in Kahurangi National Park."

1080 is dropped from a helicopter. Photo: SNPA

The Department of Conservation also monitored the kea population in the park.

Ms Barry says that so far all radio tagged kea have survived and three out of six monitored nests have successfully produced young kea.

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