Tori Spelling finally discovers source of her family’s ‘spiral of sickness’ was ‘extreme mould’

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Tori Spelling has discovered her family’s recent “spiral of sickness” was caused by “extreme mould”.
The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actress – who has daughters Stella, 14, and Hattie, 11, as well as sons Liam, 16, Finn, 10, and six-year-old Beau, with her actor husband Dean McDermott, 56, said they were all exposed to the toxic fungus for months before working out it was the source of their recurring illnesses over the last few months.
She said alongside a photo of clad in a face mask with her kids inside an emergency hospital unit: “Here we are again at Urgent Care. We’ve all been on this continual spiral of sickness for months. Sick. Get better. To get sick again.
“Used to think… well that’s what happens when you have young kids in school. They just continually bring sicknesses home.
“But, when it gets to the point where they are at home sick more than being in school we had to reassess what was going on.”
Tori added she “knew something bigger was going on” when her children had routinely been spending days asleep and said they were suffering from vertigo when awake.
In her Instagram post, one of Tori’s girls appeared to be laying on the examination table with a thin sanitary sheet pulled up to her chin, while another had a patch stuck on her forehead.
Tori added the “pieces began to fall into place” that mould was causing their illnesses after inspectors found it spread throughout the home.
Revealing they are now planning on moving home, she said: “We now know that when the house was labelled a health hazard and not liveable that wording was FACT. We now GET IT!
“It’s hard to just uproot a huge family especially in midst of all feeling so sick and in bed. But, we now will vacate the home asap.”
Her children have also been suffering almost constant respiratory illnesses and allergy-like symptoms including skin rashes for months.
Liam was diagnosed with strep throat and a 103-degree temperature during their most recent visit to the doctor on Wednesday. (10.05.23)
In December Tori said Beau, 6, missed nearly a month of school after falling ill “again” and a month later Stella was hospitalised twice after suffering hemiplegic migraines – a rare form of headache that affects a person’s strength and can impair speech.
Tori had also developed an ulcer in her left eye, forcing her to wear a bedazzled eyepatch – but it turned out it was related to her not removing her daily contacts for several days.