Travis Kelce Launches BBQ Meals At Walmart & Kansas City Locals Aren’t Happy

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Travis Kelce Is Launching His Own BBQ MealsCooper Neill - Getty Images

While the internet is fully onboard with Travis Kelce's new relationship (maybe a little too onboard, in fact), the same can't be said for his latest business venture. The Kansas City Chief's star Taylor Swift's new boyfriend is launching an entire line of BBQ-inspired prepared meals that Reddit posters have already deemed "garbage."

First thing's first, let's chat about Kelce's partnership with Walmart. The tight end is making his foray into the food space with Travis Kelce's Kitchen entrees, a refrigerated meal collection that has been spotted at Walmart, Parade reports. And while deets on the launch remain somewhat limited, here's what we do know: the retailer has rolled out five entrees with Kansas City-inspired flavors.

The Travis Kelce's Kitchen collection includes Burnt Ends Mac & Cheese, Burnt Ends BBQ Baked Beans, Sausage BBQ Baked Beans, Seasoned Brisket Burnt Ends in BBQ Sauce, Seasoned Sliced Brisket in BBQ Sauce, and Sausage & Meatball Marinara with Peppers and Onions. The best part? All you have to do is heat it up and serve. Hey, why not pretend you made barbecue from scratch?

Instagram users were quick to comment their excitement for the launch, writing, "I would try them they look good!" and "This looks so good????" However, Kansas City Reddit users weren't quite as enthralled with the news.

"Travis Kelce is a great TE [tight end], but don't buy this garbage," one user wrote on the platform, and another added, "Any burnt ends for that cheap ain't worth it."

"I've never seen these but am guessing they're not great. Looks mass produced," a third person wrote. "Way too cheap to actually be great KC burnt ends."

Missouri natives flooded the thread recommending real KC barbecue instead. Specifically, Joe's and Jack Stack (IYKYK). "You can get the jack stack burnt ends at grocery stores," one local suggested. Another added, "Order burnt ends by the pound from Joe’s. Specify no sauce and buy a bottle there or at a grocery store. Freeze them a day or two before OR if you’re driving put them in a ziplock in a cooler with ice."

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