Travis Kelce's mom Donna on fame since her son started dating Taylor Swift: 'What is my life?!'

Donna Kelce feels as if she has been put "on a different planet" since her son started dating Taylor Swift.
The 33-year-old pop megastar has been dating footballer Travis, 34, since September and now his mother Donna, 71, has admitted that her sudden fame has come as a shock but she enjoys being recognised when she is out and about.
She told People: "It's been a ride. That's for sure. It's a little different. Sometimes I feel I'm on some kind of a different planet. I'm like, ‘What has my life become?’ It's been a ride, that's for sure It's fun being recognised. It is. Most everyone is pretty respectful and very positive."
Travis recently admitted that despite dating one of the world's biggest musicians, he intends to keep his private life to himself.
Speaking at a press conference in Germany on Friday (03.11.23), he said: "The latest status is I got to see her last week. That's the latest status right there. I'm going to keep my personal relationship personal."
Despite this, insiders have recently claimed that it is "obvious" to friends of the couple that the 'Anti-Hero' singer and the NBA star are "in love" with each other even though they have not publicly admitted it yet.
A source told Us Weekly: "They’re really happy. They’re not saying they’re in love yet. But it’s obvious to her friends they’re heading in that direction. Friends think they’re in love and that he makes her feel as if she doesn't have to "worry about anything" when they are together.
Taylor is really happy and excited about Travis. She’s at the relationship stage where she looks forward to seeing him, getting calls from him, spending time with him. She has butterflies in her stomach and she hasn’t had that in a while. She feels safe and comfortable around him physically and emotionally.
"Travis is someone who is so different for her. With him it’s easy. She doesn’t have to worry about anything.
"He has his own career and money. So he’s not with her for the wrong reasons. He has his own successful career and understands the demands."