Trevor Noah: Is The GOP's Tax Plan Just A Cash Cow For Trump?

Trevor Noah Asks If The GOP's Tax Plan Is Just A Cash Cow For Donald Trump

Trevor Noahdissected the GOP’sproposed new tax reform policyon Thursday’s “The Daily Show.” And the comedian didn’t like what he discovered.

After finding out that PresidentDonald Trump may stand to financially benefit personally in several waysfrom the new plan, Noah asked whether it was just “a cash cow for Trump?”

“I’m starting to wonder if the only reason he ran for president was to lower his own taxes,” Noah added. The comedian then suggested there may be a silver lining, however, should Congress end up passing the measures.

“Because it means he might resign the second he signs this thing into law,” Noah joked. “He might just be like, ‘And, done. O.K., that’s it for me, America. You’ve been great. Good luck with North Korea. I’m out. Bye bye!’” 

Check out the full segment above.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.