Trevor Noah Destroys Sean Hannity For His Delusional Las Vegas Response

Trevor Noahcould not resist lampooning Fox News hostSean Hannity’s response to thedeadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.  

“According to Sean Hannity, what really stops a bad guy with a gun is a Sean Hannity with a gun,” Noah said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

Noah played a clip of the conservative pundit opining on his own abilities as he discussed the shooting in Las Vegas that leftat least 58 people dead and more than 500 people injured. Hannity revealed how he would confront a mass shooter who was in a crowd and had just run out of bullets.

“Hannity’s fantasy was so ridiculous that even his Fox colleague couldn’t get on board,” Noah said. “You know she’s thinking, ’Dude, you couldn’t even protect women from getting sexually harassed in your own building and now you’re Batman? Calm down. Calm down, man.”

Take a look at Noah’s full takedown in the video above.


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