Trevor Noah Reveals The 'Genius' Behind Donald Trump's North Korea Strategy

Lee Moran

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah broke down the brilliance of President Donald Trump’s game plan regarding North Korea’s nuclear threat on Tuesday night.

Kind of.

Trump’s threat to stop doing business with countries that trade with the pariah state (such as China) and his negative remarks about South Korea appeasing its neighbor actually showed him to be “a genius,” Noah joked.

“Anyone can threaten an enemy,” said the late night TV host. “But threatening the two countries he needs most to have on his side right now? That’s genius.”

Noah then likened Trump to a prisoner “who proves he shouldn’t be messed with by shanking his own friends. That’s who he is!”

Trump’s strategy may eventually terrify North Korea into backing down, said Noah. “Or, he’s a total idiot and he’s gonna get us all killed.”

Check out the full segment above.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.