I Tried All Of The Food At Holiday World—Here Are The Items Worth Buying

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The Best Food At Holiday WorldChelsea Lupkin

We love any excuse to be festive. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Halloween, or Christmas, you can bet that we’re planning to celebrate in style. And if you love holiday food as much as we do, you need to visit the ultimate destination for every festive celebration: Holiday World.

Located in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana, Holiday World is a theme park dedicated to some of our favorite days of the year. This fourth generation family-owned park was first founded with Christmas in mind. But since it expanded and rebranded to become Holiday World in 1984, guests can celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Fourth of July all in one park.

Adriana Redding, the host of Iconic Eats, traveled to Santa Claus, Indiana, to experience the magic of Holiday World. And, of course, that wouldn’t be complete without trying all of the treats they have to offer. We rounded up some of the best dishes available at the park, so when you make the trek yourself, you know which food is worth buying.

Here are the five can't-miss food and drink items at Holiday World:

Best Drink: Frozen Cocoa, $5.99

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Chelsea Lupkin

This was one of items we were most excited to try—and it does not disappoint. This frozen cocoa has all the richness and decadence of the dark chocolate without feeling too heavy. It's creamy, refreshing, chocolatey, and everything we could possibly want in a beverage.

Best For Sharing: Garlic Cheese Curds, $6.99

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Chelsea Lupkin

You can't go to a theme park in the Midwest without ordering cheese curds. You may know of these bouncy, squeaky bites as an essential topping on a plate of poutine. But you haven't had cheese curds at their best until you've tried them breaded and fried. At Holiday World, they're coated in a garlicky, buttery crust and served with a chipotle ranch. It's the ultimate snack to share, but if you want them all to yourself we won't blame you.

Best Entree: Adult Thanksgiving Meal, $21.99

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Chelsea Lupkin

Thanksgiving dinners are a major undertaking. You need to prepare so many different components to build the traditional spread. Thankfully, at Holiday World, you can have all of the savory goodness of a Thanksgiving dinner without any of the work. Their holiday meal comes with mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mac-and-cheese, a cornbread muffin, and lots of gravy. Turkey is naturally at the center of the plate, but it comes in the form of a turkey leg (we are at a theme park, after all).

Best Dessert: Candy Ball & Buckeye Mix-and-Match, $5.99

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Chelsea Lupkin

Holiday World is located in Indiana, which borders the Buckeye State of Ohio. And at the Candy Cane Confectionary, they pay homage to their neighbor with this iconic buckeye dessert. It's basically like a Reese's cup, but better. And for just $5.99, you can get three treats in the combination of your choice. If you want to fill your box exclusively with Buckeyes, we support your decision.

Best Snack: Funnel Cake Dog, $13.99

a person holding a hot dog
Chelsea Lupkin

Two of the most iconic theme park treats are hot dogs and funnel cakes. And Holiday World speaks for the people and decided to combine the two. It's basically like a corndog, but with the fluffy exterior of a funnel cake. It's lighter, fluffier, and a bit sweeter than its corn-based counterpart. If you need a mid-day snack, this is a must try.

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