Trisha Paytas 'never thought' she would get married and have a baby

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Trisha Paytas "never thought" she would get married and have a baby.
The 35-year-old YouTube star tied the knot with photographer Moses Hacmon, 45, in 2021 and the couple welcomed daughter Malibu Barbie in September 2022 but admitted that even though "life has changed for the better" since becoming a mother, she is "still figuring it all out."
She told 'Entertainment Tonight:' "[Life] has changed so much, for the better, I feel like. There's still the funness, and I still can cosplay and do crazy things, but it's just better now, 'cause I have a little partner and it's just so fun. Nothing else matters once you have a kid. It's like, that's all that matters and nothing else matters, so, like, I'm oblivious to everything in the world. It's great. Like, I was excited to have a boy or a girl, but now that she's a girl I just, like, dress her like a mini-me. She's so much fun... she's very Malibu Barbie. She's like a little girl, so I just get to dress her up! On one hand, you know, changing diapers, all that stuff, it's very easy. #
"And then, on the other hand, it's a lot more difficult. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, you have to entertain this person and what does she like to do? She likes to look at her hands, she likes to look at [toys] and you're just, like, you're figuring it all out. So it's easier and harder than I thought. But it's so perfect. I never thought this would ever happen for me, marriage and a baby."
Trisha - who named her daughter after the landmark 1971 variation of the iconic Mattel doll - went on to reveal that and her husband are already trying for another baby, noting that they would "love" to have another baby and name the little one after either Barbie's sister Skipper or boyfriend Ken.
She added: "Oh, we're trying! We are trying, yes. We would love to either have another little Skipper or Ken. It will definitely [be related to] pop culture. We have a couple in our heads already."